We believe in designs that solve problems, connect with people,

and positively impact the bottom line. 

Applying the Right Skills 

We specialize in four areas of design—Strategy, Product, Interaction, and Brand. The needs of each project determine how these skills are applied. 


Product Design

Developing goods, technology, and services, from concept to market, that solve real-life needs.

Brand Development

Defining the values, visuals, and messages that identify an organization and inspire people to action.

Interaction Design

Bridging the physical and digital worlds with apps, websites, and interfaces that make great experiences.



Building a foundation of genuine understanding of customers, communities, and markets to develop a path to success.


Compelling Philosophy

In our experience, compelling design is the result of hard work and adhering to five tenants—whether it's a product, a communication piece, or something in between. 

Define the Right Strategy

Address issues people encounter in their lives. They'll instantly understand its value.

Solve Real-Life Needs

Know the audience, market, and resources from the start. You'll be on the path to success.

Make it Work

 Ensure it's feasible, functional, and marketable. No one likes things that do not work correctly.

Create Emotional Appeal

Connect with people at a deeper, subconscious level. They'll want it and won't know why. 

Make Great Experiences

Make it easy, intuitive, and enjoyable for the user. They'll use it again and again.

Fusing Knowledge and Creativity

With the right mix of people, bright ideas come naturally. We’re a dynamic team with expertise in design, business, and communications. We work together to ensure the right minds and right skills align to make every project successful.


Impacting Communities

We're active members of our communities, from West Michigan to Central America. We collaborate with local talent, utilize local resources, and empower local residents.